Knock on the door of the Earth

food on earth

Improvising movement… creating shapes of the Country’s voice. Country is improvising melodies in high frequencies. 

In the Union time: We love you Pacha Mama, we are here, we listen your laughs and your cries… And we are organizing us, unifying us. The soul army, team and family taking care of each other. We are curious, We want to know the gives of the others and share them, collaborate with them. Share your gives became a present for the world. We love to give, we love to sprout the wisdom and the universal truths. We love to explore and be honest with ourselves, with you. We are doing a lot, we are holding much more than our hands can carry, and we can do it, we are doing even remaining passives, waiting for the chance, We see chance every where, learning to be patience, persevering because we know a lot is going on the Earth, that is why sometimes as well we just sit supporting the Otherside, other worlds. One propose now is shared for all of us. We came all for the same reason, for do the same thing, the difference, beauty of diversity, is: one destiny can be took with different ways leaving different trails, different expressions of the same path. All the ways are valid, complementing and nourishing each other.

The wisdom keepers understand that overwhelming of ideas, creations and projects are emerging in your heart, they tell to you keep going, don’t put a lip on the source of inspiration, do meditation, keep the mind clear and start doing some of them. Remind, you are here sharing the Propose, you already have seen before that causally someone else is having and developing same ideas as yours. The reasons is that we are all working for the Divine Truth Ideas, possession’s concept belongs to the old system. It is the time of the freedom, it is the time to respect and reconnect with the Source, we are all one, ideas are part of the Truth, and we are the channelers, we are the instruments which Love Truth moves through. Sometimes we wrong, but wrong is part of the experience and the exploration, Explore. Now we share and show the learnings, we don’t have time to wait to achieve something, don’t wait until reach the goal, because darling, the merits and the goals are in every step. It is all in the happening, goal is in the happening. No day you will find the learned, the lesson never ends, isn’t finish, isn’t stop, you are experiencing the Infinite: NO TIME. Keep sharing every stair, keep walking with the family, with the brothers and sisters, and let the encounter happen naturally, as the rivers unify and split without resistance. Because even when you walk alone with your own company, you can listen the Eco of the steps of the other members. 

Sound is the Eco of Nowhere, 
Source is the black hall that creates Universe,
Silence is the predisposition to listen, predisposition to listen is clarity, message.
Dance the Eco,
Let the knowledge speak and the wisdom listen,
Knock on the door of the Earth and jut look what gives are behind, admire the landscape.

Believe in you, believe in the others and encourage each other. Keep going aware, keep going with your best intention, keep clearing, cleaning and polishing your internal diamond. Keep loving, maintain the passion beating, and remember: you come here to enjoy. Experiencing the joy leave part the evaluations, stop measuring, no place for judgments anymore, doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, or if you know how to perform, just do because you love to do, doesn’t matter who you are, you are BIG because you know how become NOTHING, You are the MAGICIANS OF THE DREAMING, focus on enjoy and DREAM BECOME REALITY.

Tok tok‘ Open your gates, walk barefoot to listen the Earth,
Tok tok‘ Knock on her door.

August 25th 2014.

Writer is just an instrument through the Shared Truth Ideas are organized in sentences


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