Message from the Wisdom Keepers

It is a pleasure to open my blog with this important message that my sister Nithya Iyer channeled for all of us.

I did not arise here to go quietly into the night my child. I did not arise to let you seep into your shadow and disappear into the night. I did not arise here to leave you tangled in your hands as your heart beats perspiration through astral travels my child. I came to draw you into your light. I have no interest in the pains of hiding, nor sympathy for the tales of woe. You have known for a long time that it is time to emerge, and I have no further guidance than to say it is time. I care not if you have enough, nor if you think you will tomorrow. I see only this: you breathe now. And as long as there is breath you have no purpose other than to create.

You are the dream weavers. You are the magicians. You have the potions at your finger tips and yet you sit idol seeing the world around as though it is your cocoon. You are the cocoon. You are the elemental alchemist and the the conductor of it’s dance. Do not ask questions nor beg it’s proof. Work. Work now. With every ounce of your beeing. Allow that force which spills through you, which leaves you restless in the night and flinching during the day, to manifest itself in whatever forms they please. Ask questions later. See the work later. Understand later. For now just let it be.

We are watching you. We give you not so much that you become distracted nor so little that you waste away. Trust in that. Trust in us. Trust in us the earth keepers that we see your existence and witness your growth. That we observe your suffering and ask you only to observe it also, as passing clouds, rather than engage in its martyrdom.

You are not martyrs nor heroes. You are not humans nor gods. You are a transient force bypassing all status and species in your every movement, every breathe and every action. You are the process of evolution itself, the split second growth and change that one cannot contain nor comprehend. You are beyond control and surrendered of free will. Instead you are pure channels, conflicted, unhappy and ill when you veer away from this pulsating flow and try to align yourselves to a known story.

Your stories are not known. You are the pen and the ink with which they are written, drawing inspiration from the millions of selves before you that have left you trails of wisdom to follow. Do not be afraid, for the fear you know of is the fear of that which is bygone. Nothing that could have happened can happen. Nothing that should happen will happen. It is all in the happening, and you are the force itself. There are no rules.

So go placidly into the day. Be calm and breathe through your thoughts. You are awake. And we understand that this has it’s trials also. But you are awake with reason, you are awake with purpose, and we have given you all that you need. Stop thinking. Those constructs no longer have weight. Move forward with faith. Chart that which you require to continue creating, and we will work with you and the Universe to navigate you to your needs. You are the compass. Set the direction and do not ask about the details. You are one in a constellation, and together we light up the sky and guide the way for those looking into the darkness.

Peace, love, joy.


-The Wisdom Keepers-

26th July, 2014


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